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Exotic furniture

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painted glazed bookcase
exotic furniture
teak corner
exotic funiture : bedside cabinet
rosewood desk
exotic bookcase
indian furniture
exotic furniture
exotic furniture
cd bookcase

Exotic furniture : anglo-indian style  with a firmly exotic core : black-wood, hevea* wood, rosewood, teak,schicham....Whether the piece comes from India or Indonesia it is often in its original patina or wax in its natural tint

Our exotic wood furniture collection evolves with the likings of our travels and our inspiration.

All our exotic furniture pieces are selected and bought in their countries of origin which garanties you  a good value for your money.

Exotic furniture fit perfectly in today's interior decors.

* Hevea wood : Lawrens has created an hevea wood line furniture. This wood was until then only used for its rubber production. After ten to fifty years an hevea tree doese no longer produce sap and it is burned. By using this valued wood we contribute to the limitat the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere and participe to proctection of the forests.

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