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Kitchen furniture

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kitchen furniture in Paris
kitchen furniture
kitchen furniture in paris

kitchen furniture
kitchen furniture in paris
kitchen counter top in paris
Lawrens Kitchen furniture in Paris

Selling quality furniture for over 30 years , we created kitchen arrangements in brushed solid oak , in pine with the patina of your choice or simply in waxed antic  pine .

Kitchen furniture must also be adapted to your needs and be functional so we equip all our kitchen furniture with high quality slides and hinges ( Blum ).

We offer you a wide choice of arrangements adapted for the storage of flatware , bottles but also trash can and pots and pans .

We can create the finish of your likings :

Brushed or smooth natural woods , painted woods with an antic looking patina .

Lawrens will help you conceive your dream kitchen according to your space and storage needs.

We designed as well different kitchen counters in oak and concrete or oak and stone combination.

Lawrens kitchen furniture will help you create the kitchen you want with the guidance of professionals in the solid wood furniture trade at a very competitive price.

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